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To bring Axayacoatl to Burning Man in 2015
Together, let's bring to life
The masked feathered serpent
Our North American forebears knew as Quetzalcoatl



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Please click on the rewards to your left to donate to Axayacoatl and help us reach our $10,000 goal. We are partially funded by a grant from Burning Man Arts, but it is not enough to cover all the expenses of creating an artwork of this scale. We are raising an additional $10,000 to help pay for materials, fuel and transportation costs for our all-volunteer team who otherwise pay these expenses out of our own pockets. We have designed handmade rewards for you to remember and share your contribution to our project. We are grateful for your donations & support! We have produced many rewards already and will strive to deliver schwag to you before Burning Man so you can show off your support! Our links take you to Paypal, where you may donate using major credit cards. If you prefer another donation method or need a tax deduction, please contact us through our contact form.

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Firebulb is making a 20′ tall sculpture of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god of our North American forebears. Made from glistening copper, we will bring this interactive sculptural installation to Burning Man 2015 and beyond. With flame effects and LED lighting controlled by participants, Axayacoatl invites you to become part of the experience.


Progress! Rolling copper for the mask.
Interactive Flame Effects and Lighting Video simulation of Axayacoatl's interactive effects


Zachary Heilman


Brett Doar


Esteemed for creating mind-blowing Rube Goldberg machines for videos for OK GO and GoldieBlox’s infamous super bowl commercial, Brett joins Firebulb with designs for the physical controls for the flame effects and lighting. You won’t be swiping iPad screens, you’ll be pulling giant levers and turning large disks of copper.

Capra J’neva


Capra J’neva is an artist, designer and inventor who began exhibiting large-scale sculptural installations in 1992. She created 2010 honorarium work Aeolian Pyrophonic Hall with a crew of 50 volunteers, and served as a key crew member for Pentangle in 2011. She is the recipient of numerous artistic awards and several patents. She works at Autodesk doing R&D for the development of 3d printing technology. Through Firebulb, she brings together a dedicated crew of designers to create larger works.

Nicole Gagne


Nicole Gagne is the designer and owner of the jewelry company Leoworks (est. 2002), has had a steady following in Japan for 10 years and is now working on one of a kind and custom pieces. As a designer and creator, her love of nature and the earth is the basis for the fresh organic approach she takes with design. Her work is also conceived and created around the environmental influence of cities.

Johny Amerika


Seasoned flame effects artist Johny Amerika is best known for exploits ranging from flinging flaming pianos across the playa with Trebuchets, pulse-jet powered rides known to transform the riders forever, and for exploding large amounts of propane to great artistic effect with pieces like his 2007 work Movement. His large-scale sculpture and metal work has appeared at festivals all over the place (or at least on the west coast) and in movies, advertisements and viral videos.

Cory Bloome


How many people does it take to mount a giant foam lemon on top of a 30′ pole? Wait for it…eight. And Cory was among them. In addition to making wacky art for Burning Man, Cory works as an engineer on top secret 3D printing projects at Autodesk.


We Build

Our team loves getting our hands dirty.

We’re Artists

Each team member has a career spanning decades and continents.

We Git ‘Er Done

We know how to fulfill on our vision.


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We’d love to have you join us for a build day or more. Our studios are in Los Angeles, Big Sur and the Bay Area. If you are interested in building with us, please mention your skill set and location, so we can direct your inquiry to the correct team member.

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