Capra Capra J'neva’s background in the fine arts brings a design basis to her involvement in the sciences and engineering of everything from 3-D software to revolutionary fuel systems. She has a master's degree from Stanford’s Product Design program where she received the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Award for industrial design, was a finalist in Design 21's Power to the Pedal contest, helped invent a laser cutting machine to make drip tape for the world's poorest farmers and garnered 1 European patent. She won 100K euros in the PICNIC Green Challenge international business and design competition for Veranda Solar, an affordable, scalable solar power system for renters, and went on to patent its unique scalable inverter in the US.

She has 14 years experience running her own multimedia development firm, and has worked with clients such as Intel, Merck, Nike, Miele, Clorox, Sunpower, Suez and Hewlitt Packard to create software, animations, product designs, market research and marketing communications. As a leader in the integrated ecological design and alternative fuels movements, she has lectured at Stanford University, Lewis & Clark College, Evergreen State in Washington, Portland State University and the Xopilote Institute in Mexico. She loves making products and interfaces that are easy and intuitive to use and that solve sticky problems, or communicate complex ideas with simplicity. She uses her fabrication skills in her free time to create and install large interactive artworks.

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